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How do I grant access to my group?

You must be a moderator of a group in order to add people to it.

All groups are private. If you want people to interact within your group, you’ll have to invite them! The process for granting access to a group is the same as for a vialogue but keep in mind that they are  two separate sets of permissions.

You can add participants in one of two ways:

1) Add participants to the "Participants" box from the group’s settings page by typing their username, first name, or last name. This action relies on your participants already having a Gottesman Libraries Account. Click the "Save Group" button to save the changes.

2) Send participants a unique URL to your group. This link acts as an invitation and will grant access to your group immediately upon clicking, assuming that the person you send it to already has a Vialogues account. If they do not, they will be prompted to create one before proceeding to your group.

Groups permissions trump a single vialogue’s. In other words, let’s say you create a private vialogue and invite Cal and Ana to be a part of it. Now you put that vialogue into one of your groups, say for “Psychology 101, Section 1” and add 20 students. Even though you did not add them to the original single vialogue, all 20 will still be able to watch your video and take part of the discussion.

If this sounds confusing there is only one solution: Create a group. The more groups you create and participate in, the easier it will be to understand!

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