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I'm seeing a weird message on my video. What does it mean?

You may come across the following images and messages at some point after creating your vialogue. Here is what they mean and what you should do about them. No Image - This image means that the video attached to the vialogue doesn't have a preview image or in some cases no longer exists.

Video Processing

- You will see this image immediately after you upload a video. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to upload, depending on site traffic and size of your video. If it takes longer than this, an error may have occurred. Check to make sure that the file size is under 1GB and that the video is in a supported format (.mov, .flv, .mp4, .mpeg, .avi). If everything looks ok, try reuploading after waiting a few minutes from uploading it. If problem persist, please contact us and we can help figure out what's going on.

Request Access

- This message means that the vialogue you've stumbled upon is private; its owner has restricted access to a select group of people. You can send a request to the moderator to join the conversation, though.

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